Truffle hunting

This is a fascinating world "Truffle" or Tartufo in Italian, is   the common name used for the fruiting bodies (sporocarps) of fungui from the Tuber genus that spend their entire life cycle underground (hypogeous) They are formed by an external layer know as the "peridum". The hunt, to track down a truffle, a trifle hunter or "trifolao" requires the help of a dog with an excellent sense of smell, trained to recognize the scent of the fungus. Truffle hunters must have a special permit for which they pay an annual fee. They must also fallow harvesting calendars for the different Tuber species, which vary for every region where truffles can be found. When a dog smells a truffle in the forest, it notifies the hunter, who uses a special blade to extract it with great delicacy. To allow the formation of new rootlets, it is of utmost importance that the hunter replaces any dirt removed. The hopefully a new fruiting body will form. 

White truffles in the Kitchen

Over the last century, Tuber magnatum's fame has spread around the world, conquering the planet's most fashionable tables, Its voluptuous versatility and unique capacity to render any dish magnificent make this a very special underground fungus. It takes only a few grams, barely ten, to embellish a plate. Recipes using truffles are based under versatility and ability to add value to any dish, even when not specifically created with truffles in mind. 

A few tips to full enjoying white truffles: They should be eaten raw and shaved thinly with a special truffle slicer over fairly neutral foods, the essential base for showcasing their complex, intense and overwhelming aroma. 

The cost of 1 Kilogram of these truffles could be around of 3,000 Euro more or less 3,330 Dlls. 

I design with Nostrale two tours to included this experience, one in Tuscany and one in Piedmont, Piedmont period for hunting truffles can be hunted from September 21 to January 31. Would you like to join me?   

Thank to Andrea Galli who show me how to get truffles with his dog in Tuscany. 
Thank to my friend Pigi Colombo who show me where to find Truffle hunters in the beautiful Monferrato hills in Piedmont. (last photo) 


  1. Raw truffles? I never are that before but interesting! Nice photos by the way :)

  2. Che fotografie meravigliose, Cintia! Mi sembra di essere all'interno di un quadro!
    Che meraviglia anche questi tartufi! Gustosissimi :)


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