Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pecorino Cheese in walnuts leaves

In my resent trip to Umbria, Chiara the owner of a wonderful Farm in the middle of the Umbrian hills almost bordered with Tuscany show me how they make this cheese of course I could only see the final result. A wonderful cheese named "Pecorino stagionato" with an incredible flavor, I were so lucky to be able to see when she pull it out from the underground yes underground!!!! where they save this cheese for 90 days for maturation, as with other cheeses, refining with natural plant substances is a very ancient practice. This cheese, in particular, respects the tradition of maturation, which takes place by wrapping the forms in walnut leaves.

I couldn't resist take a picture of this piece of awesomeness and I can't describe the aroma full of tradition and great and unique flavors.  My journey couldn't be better enjoying great food and fantastic wines with great company Chiara and her family and friends were so kind with me I felt like home. Can't wait to go back with my friends to do some food styling shoots. 

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chiapallo and his unique menu

Chiapalloooo !!! still I don't know what that means but only what I know it is probably is a name or last name of this personage that I'm going to talk about today, of course is his favorite expression, every time that something like him he say CHIAPALLOOO !! But is not only his expression what it makes him unique, his food is totally out of normal, he prepared for me a great and I have to say a great and crazy meal, Oh my god what a menu, incredible and unique, all about the Piedmont, the region where I am at this moment in Italy, he cooks and uncook so many different typical plates. My first photos are some of the magic of this region, the Piedmont excellence. 

What I liked the most is the "Taglio" a beverage  made it mixing moscato giallo goldmuskateller and and any kind of spumante this time he use Spumante Herbaluce di Caluso, with some aromatic herbs like rosemary, savage, etc .... delicious. 

He did a mix of Raw Meat with herbs and olive oil salt and pepper (very simple and authentic way to cook or maybe not cook) plus a very interesting Salad with Figs and onions (salty version), I have to say that it was the first time testing those flavors, at the beginning I was kind of scary but after the first bite everything come out awesome. 

Chiapallo he used to be a Professional Chef and passioned of his region Piedmont. He loves the originality of food flavors and aromes. I hope I can meet him again before I back to USA in January. 

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