Bar- Ucci in Volpaia

Volpaia has always been one of my favorite places in  TuscanyIt is a small medieval town where you can find a few restaurants and one bar or cafeIf you really want to relax while admiring the breathtaking Tuscan panorama- this is the place. Bar-Ucci, owned by Paola Barucci and her mother, is the only bar in this little town, and is situated in the main square of Volpaia. Paola doesn't speak English, but she can easily make you laugh and feel comfortable. The Cafe has a great variety of plates and wines to enjoy all from the Tuscan region. You can also enjoy Tuscan cuisine and classic Chianti wines with the DOC classification. DOC stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, and is the main tier of Italian wine classification - in this case, a high quality wine from the Chianti region. I spent a wonderful evening with these kind people. Happily I had a wonderful experience there. 
Later that night, Carla, Paola's sister, invited me to her Restaurant "La Bottega di Carla Barucci" just across the street. Each plate was homemade, and their amazing flavors have been hard to forget. I can't wait to see them again on my next trip to Tuscany! 


Misto di Bruschette 

Crostini Toscani 

Pecorino Cheese 


  1. Quest'estate trascorrerò le vacanze in Toscana, più precisamente nella provincia di Livorno, ma abbiamo in programma diverse gite. Vedrò se riesco ad aggiungerci questo posto meraviglioso! Grazie per lo splendido articolo, Cintia.

    1. Sono sicura che ti piacere tantissimo. Grazie a te sempre le la visita al mio blog. Un abbraccio.

  2. Beautiful scenery, enchanting architecture and delicious food. Does it get any better? Thank you for your post. Visit leave a comment, suggestion.


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