Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holidays with family and friends...

Christmas is around the corner, it is time to celebrate in many ways, but for the most import thing from these days is try to be with friends and family as much as possible. Some of them are in other cities then is time to visit.
Two weeks ago had a great dinner at my cousin's house which I love to visit every time I can, she  prepared a great dinner with her husband Mike, she did the most beautiful details as always, she is an amazing stylish.

Preparing pumpkin cheese mini cake.

Adore those little leaves to decorate the pumpkin cheese cake bread, for dessert.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The 10 best things I ate and drank in 2013

10 things??? I should say 50 but I don't want to overwhelm, some of these foods will be bizarre  for some of you but delicious for many.
2013 has been so generous with me in certain ways, I visited places that I love, and saw people that I love, I meet people new people that I start to love in a good way. 
Thank you 2013 .. and welcome 2014 please be awesome

Let's get started with Food styling 

Ceviche - in  Mazatlan Mexico with my dear friend Moises. This is a seafood salad with lemon, salt and pepper. I love it. 

Coconut with salt and hot pepper in Mazatlan Mexico with my dear friend Moises.  

Gelato in Florence Italy  ---- Pistacchio please!!! (by myself) "heaven" !!!!

Cafe de Olla - Traditional Oaxacan Coffee with my friend Naomi and new friends I made in my trip to Oaxaca Mexico.

My carrot cake from my Birthday my dear cousin Katty made for me, with a bunch of lovely ladies in California.

Salmon Sashimi (Japanese food) with my dear friend Judith and my lovely nieces Andrea and Denisse.

Mangos from my father's farmer in Sentispac Mexico with my dear brother Teodulo.

Ohhh mio Dio (OMG) !!! Macarrons in Franciacorta Italy with my dear friends Roberta, Tullia and Maura.

And special moment with my friend Roberta, with this coffee I felt so welcome in Franciacorta Italy.

Very special pasta "agnolotti piemontesi" that my friend Lorenzo made from scratch for my blog, the result was awesome but the most important were the process in Turin - Italy

 The best pear with red wine EVER!!!! with my dear friend Lorenzo and his parents at Turin Italy

Monday, December 2, 2013

Always with me

This is just a simple composition of some important things in my life, things that for some reason I can't live without, one of them my camera, my phone, of course my coffee moka, and yes I love Opera. I create this photo today because literally I'm got very inspire from some great stylist  from my Pintrest

What things are important for you ??