Monday, April 29, 2013

Santo Spirito

Piazza Santo Spirito - Firenze Italy

Walking around Florence, I found a little antique market at Piazza Santo Spirito. It was amazing how many things you can find. This place is the perfect place for vintage shoppers. I think every 3rd Sunday of the month the market is placed on this wonderful Piazza.

Piazza Santo Spirito is one of my favorite places in Florence, the Chapel is very simple and modern, the place is full of youth people and little bars or cafeterias where people meet and have wonderful food. Is one of Florence's most interesting quarters. Here, daily life continues to be an unmistakable expression of local cultural traditions. Art is not just something that can be experienced inside of museums and galleries, it is the result of how civilization express itself in various ways. and its sphere includes how people work and interact on a daily basis. Can truly feel at home here.

Walking out of the that market I found this little girl that suddenly saw my camera and with a small smile invite me to click it. She doesn't know but she made my day.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Is always nice to have flowers around, I promise myself always have something green in my desk maybe a plant maybe a flowers, and today is a good day to start with daisies, one of the most simple and beautiful flower by nature.

Is a good way to start this week with something fresh and clean, that gives me energy to start new projects and new adventures with my photography. I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think about this background? please I will appreciate your opinion.