Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Florence in Black in White

I can't have enough of this city "Florence, Italy", today I decided to post some photos in Black in White every single one transport my mind to another time. 
Good memories, good times. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Artisans Part (II)

Renzo Becucci

I really like to write about people because we can learn so much from them are so much, If you miss the Artisans Part one you always can read here On my recent trip to Italy I had the best and unique lunch ever, every single corse were made from scratch even his own ingredients, Renzo Becucci is our Artisan today,  he cooked for a us a magnificent Medieval meal, I can't describe how wonderful flavors, a Rabbit in "crosta" and some other wonderful dishes on the side. 

Renzo Becucci lives in Tuscany " Casciano Val Di Pesa Firenze" , somewhere in Chianti, he is an specialist in Antique and traditional Tuscan Cuisine and Medieval Cuisine, he got a lot of experience over the years specially for Folk events. 

He works also a lot with wood restorations from antiquities. He said -  "I have to say that my mom was really good cooking I am passionate about it since I was a kid  so I started to experiment with food very early" - . With his passion for the things from the past and the old traditions based on the authenticity. He also use pots of stone and especially raw materials prepared by himself products that are not founded on the market. Totally amazing, as mustard, condiment wine, syrups etc. 

It was great pleasure to meet Renzo I really enjoyed his food and his conversation. I can't wait to see him again to know more about his cuisine.