One of my favorite fruits definitely is the strawberry, I love it not just because is rich in color and flavor is also because is so beautiful. I don't know why but remember me my childhood, my mother use to tell me "if you eat strawberries  your lips will turn red" so I always tried to eat a lot of red fruits in order to have a deep red lips. (girly dreams)

But Today for my photography I'm mixing strawberries with marshmallow mmmm great combination.


  1. What a yummy combination - I'm hungry for strawberries and, dare I say it, summer!!!

    1. Thank you Cyndi I'm glad you like them, I love everything from strawberries, color, aroma, texture, everything. Happy Day!! :)

  2. gosh love these images ... they are truly gorgeous.They really make me hungry for strawberries and marshmellows


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