Palazzo dei Cerchi - Florence Italy

In my trip to Italy I visited this amazing building which is the best preserved Florentine buildings of the XII century situated between via della Condotta, vicolo de Cerchi and Via de Cimatori in Florence Italy. Actually on this magnificent place there is an amazing shop GENTEN FIRENZE.
Discover the Florentine craftsmanship visiting this shop a meeting between italian and Japanese culture, in the beautiful setting of a Rennaissance palace, Palazzo dei Cerchi, Florentine frescos combine with the light effects of washi, the Japanese rice paper. In a place where peace and silence, let feel people at home.
GENTEN Firenze is the result of the sensibility and tradition of Japan and Italy cultures, blended together in this project that has a special points, three concepts to realize a sophisticated products. I love the quality of leather and the fine touches in their details.

Mauro will explain the various phases of his work, from skin care to creation of the bag. These amazing creators are working inside of this building.


  1. Hi Cintia,
    these are such great photos and I enjoyed your report very much.I live in Northern Italy(Brescia) but I love Firenze and it's always amazing to see how people from other countries think what they visit mine. I didn't know about the washi business,thought I know that Florence is very famous for Japanese culture places.I will be sure to keep it in mind when I visit next time :)

    Happy Easter

  2. Hi Barbara
    Thank you for your comment, I love Brescia actually I have friends in Franciacorta. Florence is a great city, there are so many interesting places, that you eventually will see in my blog. Genten is very unique shop artisans work there the quality of their products is amazing, and the building is a gem.
    Happy Easter dear Barbara

  3. What a great place to work! Love the handmade goods;) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your blog is lovely!! So enjoyed your photos! And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today. I'm headed to Florence in a couple weeks! Was there seven years ago, and am excited to return! Were you in the BYW class?

    1. Yes Connie, I'm in BYW Class, if you need anything from Florence, let me know I will be happy to help. Enjoy and have a nice trip. !!

  5. Oh Cintia, you make me want to hop on a plane and visit beautiful Florence and discover all it's artisanal crafts! Thank you for sharing!

  6. beautiful photos!! thanks for taking us along...


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