Florence - Italy (Central Market)

Mercato Centrale - Firenze

When you travel probably one of the most important places to visit if you love Food is the Central Market, today I want to show you a little bit about the Central Market in Florence.
My friend Miky and I expend the morning discovering flavors and colors, This is the most beautiful place where you can find the traditional food and flowers. Everything here is full of color and traditional aroma of the amazing Italian food.
I wanted to test everything but I can not believe how many different cheeses and bread they have. You can have a "crostini toscani" or a Panino with a one of best wine from "chianti" for less than 7 Euro and for sure you will ask for something more.
You can expend the all morning testing wine, cheese, "prosciutto", "accetto balsamico", coffee and much more.
The Central market is just behind to "Mercato San Lorenzo" in downtown Florence, the most popular flee market in the city, but San Lorenzo is another story.

What a best way to end our walk at the market, expresso con traditional Napolitan dessert "baba' rustic" 


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