Little farmers market in Valle de Guadalupe

This weekend I visited my friends in Rancho Bonito, a quaint area, off the grid, near Valle de Guadalupe. Valle de Guadalupe is where 85% of Mexico's winds are produced! It is 2 hours south of San Diego, and reminded me a lot of the rustic Italian countryside.
During my weekend stay, I had the opportunity to visit many new places, including wonderful vineyards, local producers of beer and wine and lovely restaurants. Two days are not enough to see everything, but enough to get a feel for the wonderful vibe that Valle de Guadalupe offers. 

My Saturday morning was nice, visiting the local farmers market at Mogor Badan, followed by a wine tasting with the owner, Natalia, at Cavas del Mogor. The market is on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is small, but full of wonderful products, like olive oil and veggies (produced there!), fresh local breads, marmalades, cheeses and other delicious foods. We brought some products for our dinner that night. I was so happy to be in such a beautiful place. 


  1. Hermoso lugar!!! A mi me enamoran estos lugares... los detalles, el clima, la forma de ser de las personas, etc. Espero algún día poder visitar estos lugares y aprender a tomar hermosas fotos como tu amiga.

  2. Gracias querida Marisa, espero algun dia puedas venir por estos lugares seguramente te encantaran. Gracias por apreciar mi fotografía un beso.


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