Pasta Fabbri

I remember my first trip to Italy long time ago, the first thing I wanted to have it was "The Pasta" and you won't believe me but it taste completely different from what I used to have in other countries. For that I wanted to find out is a good place to represent this amazing product. Pasta Fabbri is a family business, comparably with other brands I should say small but with the best quality. 

Pasta Fabbri born in 1893 in the heart of Chianti in Tuscany  from that time the family work with passion producing an excellent product. They produce dry pasta using brass molds with the best bases working only with Italian wheat mainly from Tuscany. I notice that They pay special attention to every single process is incredible how they take at least 6 days on the dry process. 

Their main goal is share to the world the Good Food culture, in their website they show us how to recognize a good pasta, and they share some great recipes to use with. 

An special thank to Giovanni Fabbri for his great explanation about how they made their pasta. Using just flour and water, in the interior of their building they have a Museum "The Pasta Museum" wish is very interesting because he has been collecting everything regarding to processing of Pasta. Making a great collection of Pasta makers machines, books, and some other interesting tools. 

Giovanni show me every single step how to make their pasta, and I love they way the use. Is impossible to post all the photos from my visit but you should come with me some day and visit their place. 


  1. Questo è un post bellissimo,Cintia, non conoscevo il "Museo della Pasta"! Complimenti anche per le foto eccellenti,specialmente quei close-up di tagliatelle e fettuccine, sono davvero artistici!

    1. Grazie mille Barbara, questo museo sta dentro della fabbrica Fabbri ma il bello e che il proprietario Giovanni fa una spiegazione stupendamente dettagliata a livello anche molto Tecnico di come si elabora dal grano fino alla pasta stessa.


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