Walk around Florence

How is the best way to spend quality time with good friends in a city like Florence Italy? ..... Walking looking for something local, inexpensive and delicious to eat. Right?

So that was exactly what I did with my friends Nico and Yani. We walk all the way through Museo dei Uffizi and Piazza Santa Croce. There are two streets to get Piazza Santa Croce one is the one where you can find many little shops where tourist buy their souvenirs and the other one with many little tiny bars or "Mesticherie" ( Via dei neri) where you can eat for less than 10 Dlls, wine, panini,  prosciutto, amazing cheese, and local home made bread. Very simple but awesomely delicious.

The style is eat in the street, while you wait your second panino is preparing or maybe the 3rd or the 4rd maybe?

Enjoy it! Love


  1. Felicidades Cintia, me encanta tu trabajo.
    Te mando un abrazo.

    1. Querida Alina muchas gracias que bueno que te gusta mi trabajo, y mil gracias por visitar mi blog y comentar.



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