I due Fratellini (Florence - Italy)

I due Fratellini is one of my favorite places in downtown Florence, how amazing is have a glass of the best Italian wine with a panino Gourmet in a few steps from Piazza Signoria, they are not just only a great selectors of wine, they also prepare more than 30 different authentic italian panini and all of them are fantastic.

Probably is the smallest wine bar in Florence, but in this case the size of the place doesn't matter, actually is pretty amazing.

I used to live a couple of blocks from this place and I swear I visited them more than ones a week. Is hard to say wish one from their menu is my favorite. I Love them all.

I highly recommend this place, you will find great flavors, amazing wines, and always a couple of great guys "I due fratellini".


Love Cintia.


  1. I was very lucky to join Cintia to this amazing place back in 2000; oh boy, paninos and wine were absolutely amazing, unique a distinctive flavors from other places... Cintia's suggestions absolutely made the experience delightful, her company was joyful and extremely fun!!!... we had such a great time eating and drinking at this little place in size but huge in flavor, I due Fratellini is a "must" place to visit in Florence!!!

  2. Great blog, Hey send me one each bottle of all brands. :D

    1. Thank you Chris, I'm glad you like my blog, is going to be difficult send you one of each bottle of that place, you should visit ;)


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