El Meson de los Laureanos

A few days ago I visited Mazatlan after almost 3 years, event though was for short period I had the best time, One of my highlights was my visit to El Meson de los Laureanos, in a little town 20 minutes north Mazatlan named El Quelite, it was a great experience not just for my lens because the food was great and beautiful, they have I would say a very complete menu of Mexican specialities and traditional dishes, as soon as we arrived we got a little appetizers like "queso fresco" (fresh cheese), fresh hand made tortillas, and all type of salsas, we order a little of everything but my favorite plate was the "carnitas" it was so hard to say no to many things because I wanted to taste everything, but that means I have to come back soon, that place is famous for the "tamales colados" "Chilorio" "birria" "tamales colorados" (Red tamales) etc. 

Dr. Marcos Osuna Tirado the owner has been the key of success on El Meson de los Laureanos, his personality and his warm and welcomeness has been perfect for each of his costumers, he has been working very hard during all his life contributing to develop his home town El Quelite. Most of the people in town work for him, the woman are grateful and happy to work for him their collaboration has been very special, in decoration, recipes, organization etc. I must say they look happy, the service at the Restaurant was great always with a smile always on time, and ready to help. I really like that in a place people make you fell at home. 


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