Cocconato a place to discover

Cocconato it is a medieval village or "Borgho” from the province of Asti over a hill at the Montferrat, in one of the most beautiful regions of North-Italy “The Piedmont”. Cocconato it is a beautiful land where the principal wine is the Barbera of Montferrat,  right there at the historic little piazza in the "Cantina del Ponte",  I meet Paolo Maciot one of the Brothers Maciot owners of the Vinyard, they have a wonderful cellar in Cocconato “La Cantina del Ponte” where I found a very traditional and authentic appetizers very famous by the way for this. I wanted to know more about one antique speciality The “Schiciola” (in the photo) looks like a little pizza but is not, the base is made it with the dough of the “agnolotti” covered with  Robiola cheese, Cocconato’s DOC speciality added prosciutto or some of vegetables. Simply delicious. They have the agnolotti wrapped wish honestly this is the first time I have something similar there are the agnolotti wrapped on a napkin warm and ready to eat. You don't need anything just a little bit of cheese and that's it. 

Their cuisine, is 100% organic and biodynamic. This is one of the most important principals in their process not only in the Cuisine also in the Wine production. 

Cantina del Ponte have a variety of wines from the region, but they offer their own like the 465 or Vinusa.  Highly recommended. 


  1. Bella posto mia amica! La comida se ve deliciosa! Te cuento que cuando yo vivía en México ( Acapulco, Guerrero) trabajaba en un ristorante italiano que se llama "Forza Italia". Ahí aprendí a hacer varios platillos que hasta ahora sigo cocinando. La comida italiana me encanta y uno de mis sueños es poder ir a conocer Italia.
    Mientras disfrutare de cada uno de los preciosos lugares que tu nos muestras en tus fotos.

    1. Marisa, cuando vengas a Italia te vas a enamorar de la verdadera comida Italiana, espero algun dia poder contribuir a ese viaje. Besos.

  2. brava..... le tue foto sono molto luminose e belle.....baci


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