Chiles en Nogada by Chef Priscilla Curiel

Chef Priscilla today collaborate with me representing the mexican cuisine Internationally at ExpoMilan2015 in Italy.  

Priscilla E. Curiel, never knew that cooking, would become her biggest passion. After working two years in her family’s restaurant Talavera Azul she realized that she wanted to do something more and decided to enroll in the Art Institute of San Diego to study culinary arts. She realized that the art of cooking involved rich cultures, art history and travel. Priscilla’s first passion is to travel. Since a young age she found herself loving and appreciating every country she got the opportunity to visit. It gave her the expansion to learn the mixture of cultures, art and cuisines. She has been involved at Talavera Azul since 2008 making the restaurant a very traditional place food diversity of flavors, colors and textures that make the Mexican Cuisine, her biggest inspiration. The tradition of this restaurant has been in Tijuana since 1990 with the famous La Espadana, owned by her family, a Tijuana restaurateur for more than 30 years, making it a city landmark. Talavera Azul brings to San Diego the traditional cuisine for the community to identify true Mexican food. The philosophy of her cuisine is to reinforce a stronger family and social bond which is the meaning of true Mexican cuisine. Ever since she took charge of Talavera’s kitchen, Priscilla has made the cuisine more of her style adding more vibrant colors and perfecting the flavors keeping it traditional but adding new menu items that are her signature dishes. For her the Mexican kitchen is considered one of the country’s most important activities predominant till this day for women.

Chef Priscilla provide this amazing recipe (one of my favorite mexican food) and she tell us how to she make the traditional Chiles en Nogada 

For 5 Chiles 

Chile filling

5 chiles poblanos ( peeled and fried)
1 green apple ( ficed)
1 pear ( diced)

1 peach ( diced)

3 Oz pine nuts

4 Oz raisins

3 Oz visnaga ( mexican sugar candy from cactus)

1/2 onion diced

4 garlic cloves minced 

1/2 ib. Of pork meat grounded 

1/2 of beef meat grounded 

Salt and pepper as needed

2 tomatoes diced

Walnut sauce
4 cups mexican cream

1 c of sugar

5 tbs sherry wine

10 walnuts

2 tbs cinnamon

Pomegranate (use as needed)

You start by frying the chiles around 5 minutes each chile. You put on ice after fryer. You peel the chiles in the water. While the chiles rest, you mice en place all the fruit. You start with a hot pan and oil. First you will caramelize the onion and throw the garlic in. After you do this step you trow in the pork and beef until almost cooked you put in the fruit and let them cook. Takes around 20 minutes all the picadillo process. 

For the sauce

You pour the cream in a hot pan and let it for 3 minutes until texture us more liquid to add the sugar and sherry. You add the walnuts and let them cook with the cream. Then you add 2 tbs of cinnamon. You use the blender for the cream and then a Chinoise to make the sauce smooth and not lumpy. When finished you fill in the chiles with the picadillo and pour the sauce over. You garnish with the pomegranate. 

Find Chef Priscilla on Instagram @le.chef.pris


  1. Thank you Cintia for your beautiful pictures

  2. What a delicious recipe! Thank you, Priscilla and Cintia, for sharing this. These stories are fascinating.

    1. Thank you Barbara, I am glad you like it, who really like to taste other flavors from other cultures means open mind totally.

    2. Thank you for the visit to the blog. Chile en nogada are my favorite


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