The Artisans (part I)

Before my trip to Tuscany I would like to talk about some important people for the artist of food, today I'm will talk about Dario Cecchini owner of Antica Macelleria Cecchini. This place will be included in our Enogastronomic Tour this year, as you know I really want to share my experience with this places with you.

The "Master" of the most important stake in Tuscany "La Fiorentina" Dario open the doors of his business to my lenses, I ways said "an image can talk more than many words", those stakes are truly amazing make me want to be there.

"The Artisans" is a group of people that I will talk about in my future post. Dario will have also two post for himself one of them with a great interview. Today my guest Dario Cecchini.


La Fiorentina the most famous  stake in Tuscany 
The best lunch ever 


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