Villa Franciacorta my favorite sparkling wine.

No, is not Champagne because we are not in France I'm talking about an italian wine, Villa Franciacorta  is a beautiful Vineyard where you can find the best wines from their Region "Franciacorta", Franciacorta is a beautiful region of gentle hills in the district of Brescia nord Italy.

I had the great opportunity to visit this amazing place few weeks ago, where I had such amazing time with some of my best friends in Italy, walking in the morning I just shot some  images with my phone in the streets of this medieval little town, but I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Is not gorgeous ??

I found these grapes that remains me a very particular flavor from my childhood is a mix of mango with strawberries very very unique. I need to ask the name of this grape to my friend. This is my dear friend Maura holding our breakfast for the day. :) yuuummmy

 These are "Rose and Dimond" they live happily in Villa, and love hanging out with visitors it is absolutely easy to love them.

And finally here you go the stars of this place.

I'm very thankful with the owner of this place she is a very special person with a great sense of humor and wonderful character. Thank you so much for such a wonderful days I really enjoy my journey in Villa. I'll see you soon.... !!!


  1. Thank you Cintia - I love Italy and your photos are beautiful.

    Julie x

  2. Hey, great work! I love the pictures, love the post, love the title, love the labels! You did a great job changing it all, my dear! Yey:D Makes me happy!

    1. Thank you Simea for your help I still working in so many thing. xoxo

  3. Scenic view and finest wines – this sounds like the kind of place I must find time to visit. Such a beautiful abode. Did you come back here for more delightful escapades? Cheers to your exquisite adventures! Corey @

    1. Thank you Corey, This place is very special for me, is very delightful and has a lovely environment, thank you for stop by.


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