Is always nice to have flowers around, I promise myself always have something green in my desk maybe a plant maybe a flowers, and today is a good day to start with daisies, one of the most simple and beautiful flower by nature.

Is a good way to start this week with something fresh and clean, that gives me energy to start new projects and new adventures with my photography. I hope you enjoy it.

What do you think about this background? please I will appreciate your opinion.



  1. I think the black kind of pulls down the flowers freshness. White or light tone might give out airy fresh and sweet feeling. But it depends on how you want to present your photos. :)

    These reminds me of still life paintings in Baroque period. They generally have dark tone background.

    Lovely flowers anyway, I hope you have a good day :)

    1. Thank you Pavinee, I appreciate your point of view is very interesting!!!! Actually my intention is pop up the freshness and the brightness of the whites and do some contracts.

    2. Yes, I'm thinking this might be a nice different approach because generally people tend to take pictures of flowers in bright background, your photos might pop out among them :D One thing I would adjust is to rearrange the white ones in the middle a little bit so that the white color will give more contrast with the black :)

  2. I love the dark moodiness of the picture. Such great shots.


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